Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some more folks have been making use of the ROFLbot photo captioner at
It's easy! Upload your picture, type in your caption and their website combines the two. Then you can host your new image on your blog, e-mail it to me, or publish it to (a free, no-registration-needed image hosting service)

Here's some of the latest. These are courtesy of a friend in East Sooke:

Real Estate developer Ender Ilkay displays a chart at a public meeting, proving that he does indeed own all our shit. Charts don't lie! (neither do captioned photos)
We get signal: Developer Ender Ilkay claims ownership over all our wilderness..... we think. It is belong to him? Clearly we have no chance to survive make your time
Then there's this one from Brendan inVictoria:
"Like a deer in headlights, Ender is slow to respond to danger. Watch out Mr. Ilkay! Public opposition is rising!"
I wasn't sure that the public could be any more outraged than they were before, but life is just full of surprises. Maybe the people united can defeat our evil overlords after all?
Thank you for the contributions!

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