Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ender Ilkay says "Environmentalists are harassing me!"

Thanks to Zoe for this week's new contributions!

Environmentalists are harassing me (actual quote)
Poor Ender Ilkay. Environmentalists are harassing him by buying the mining rights to his land and trumping his threats to open a gravel mine if he can't build his huge resort on Juan de Fuca trail. It's a sad day when millionaire developers can't even destroy a provincial park in peace. (courtesy of

According to Zoe, "environmentalists are harassing me" is a real quote from Ender Ilkay, the would-be destroyer of the Juan de Fuca trail.  If it's true, then we have our first photo that's legitimately captioned with a direct quote. Well done Zoe!

Ender Ilkay, why would anyone want to do business here?
 That's a good question! If I were in business, I'd go where the local market is actually supportive. Does Mr. Ilkay think hostile locals will be good for sales?

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  1. That's an actual quote too! Well, almost. His exact words are ‘why would I ever do business here?’

    Source: Sooke News Mirror