Monday, August 22, 2011

Ender Ilkay's tree thinning just a clearcut by another name

We all know that Ender Ilkay plans to cut a bunch of trees from his Marine Trail Holdings properties, so that future subdivision dwellers don't have any pesky trees blocking their view of the forest. We know this because his own Marine Trail Resort website says so, and the proposed bylaws support this. 

Of course, no one imagines that Ender Ilkay will cut the trees down himself. If he manages to push his development plan through, he'd obviously hire locals to do the work (and laugh as the community splits itself apart, as those opposed to the sprawling development fight those who are newly employed by it).  I thought it would be funny to imagine what it would look like if developers had to do their own dirty work.

Is that famous real estate developer Ender Ilkay using a chainsaw? He said he wanted to cut down the trees, but couldn't he have just hired someone?
Clearly my photoplasty skills need some work. Probably less than Ilkay's chainsaw skills. You missed a branch there, Ender!

Mary from Langford sent in another laser-eyes picture - gas powered laser mayhem, right here:

We see him rollin, with lasers, all because we know that he's just playin' dirty (look at him he's playin' dirty, holy shit he's playin' dirty)